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Lignas fully prepares products for wooden building frame and façades production in own factory, transport them and install on the construction site. We do not produce CLT / Glulam, we only produce from it and our acknowledge the importance of sustainable construction and appear to have strong sustainability principles embedded into corporate vision and approach. All timber used is PEFC certified and the production process employed works to a zero-waste system.


At Lignas, we help you shed light on various technical solutions. We coordinate and take total responsibility of design, project management, production and in

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In 2021, Lignas focus on strengthening position in Norway, UK and Denmark markets. 80% of all sales will be made in main Swedish market.

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Sara Cultural Centre Wins International Award for Wood Architecture

At the International Forum for Wood Construction in Nancy, Sara Cultural Centre was named the winner of the International Award for Wood Architecture.  It is...

Sara Kulturhus – wood and glass in an impressive symbiosis

Prepared by Press Glass On September 8 this year one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world, Sara kulturhus, will be officially opened in...

Because of Lithuanians, Scandinavians are rediscovering wood

When one needs to invest in a modern and sustainable building, it is very important to choose a long-term and modern solution. Lately, a tendency...