Full-Service Contractor

LIGNAS does comprehensive facade design, project management, installation and maintenance works from start to finish. Our Clients know they can count on us to get the work done promptly and on budget. We have the ability and experience as well as the cutting-edge technology and equipment to ensure a successful building experience.

In-House Design

We are designing stunning facade solutions for exceptional buildings.  Use of wood allows additional freedom in design while nonstandard architectural solutions provide a close connection to nature and improve human well-being. Our unique and versatile working methods are combined with BIM Modeling and Construction 4.0 solutions. We transferring construction from on-site production towards off-site, using more automated and digitized processes. Our standardized check-lists, facade thermal analyses and evaluation are prepared by 10 well qualified design engineers. Each of our projects is individually designed to your particular requirements and is combined with a financial package that offers maximum flexibility.

Project Management

LIGNAS team tailor your project so that it best meets your needs and wishes. Individual Project managers is responsible for keeping schedules and that everything works in the flow to the workplace and in the workplace. They also takes responsibility for quality, finances, work environment and environmental issues in the project. We are more than interested in taking care of cooperation and consult various consultants, side suppliers. If we do not manufacture ourselves, we buy for our Client from the reliable subcontractors in the industry.


LIGNAS creates more added value by producing all in one: frames, facades or even roofs. We are focused on tight house concept. Our factory and storage covers an area of 1300 square meters. We are manufacturing from timber that is certified as harvested from sustainably managed forests is readily available. This has a number of positive environmental characteristics, including carbon absorbed by the sustainably grown trees is stored long-term; production of CLT results in less greenhouse gas emissions than production of many non-wood building materials. CLT curtain walls also has equivalent or better characteristics than functionally equivalent concrete and steel systems in other aspects of environmental performance, such as thermal performance.


We have experience when it comes to assembling frames for offices, hotels, parking garages, sports and entertainment arenas, shopping centers, public buildings and larger apartment buildings. Our installation team are experienced site managers who are trained and certified to carry out installation works at site and follow all the necessary procedures in order to meet the highest standards that we and our Customers apply.

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