Sara Cultural Centre Wins International Award for Wood Architecture


At the International Forum for Wood Construction in Nancy, Sara Cultural Centre was named the winner of the International Award for Wood Architecture.  It is one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world!

The Sara cultural center, designed by the White Arkitekter agency, has beaten tough competition from wooden buildings around the world

Sara Cultural Centre is the world’s tallest wooden building in terms of floors and evidence of the expertise that the Swedish wood industry possesses. The high-rise hotel is constructed from prefabricated 3D modules made of cross-laminated timber (CLT). These modules are stacked between two elevator cores made entirely of CLT. The cultural center is made up of columns and beams in glued laminated wood, cores and walls in CLT.

The International Prize for Wood Architecture is awarded by the international press to reward excellence in the field of wood architecture. The prize aims to stimulate the development of innovative architectural thinking, using wood, and to establish links between countries where wood construction plays an increasingly important role.