Campus Valla

Vietovė: Sweden, Linköping
Generalinis rangovas: Peab Sverige AB
Architektas: White Arkitekter AB
Investuotojas: Akademiska Hus AB
Metai: 2019
Tipas: Visuomeniniai

Innovative and high level Linköping’s university in south east Sweden has a solid number of students: 28 000. The building is a square shaped and has 7 floors in which you can find classrooms, library, relaxation zones, terrace and atrium.

Element facade of the building has windows, external roller blinds and perforated aluminum finish.  University building is made of 4,300 m2 of such unique facade elements, 1,800 m2 of perforated aluminum suspended ceilings and 1,500 m2 of assembled aluminum constructions. The building is seeking a certification based on the Swedish Energy Efficiency Standard Miljöbyggnad (Gold Level).

Interesting fact: more than 20 million holes were punched into this facade envelope and ceilings.