Karlatornet Podium

Vietovė: Sweden, Gothenburg
Generalinis rangovas: Serneke
Architektas: SOM Architects
Metai: 2023
Statusas: in_progress
Tipas: Gyvenamieji

Scandinavia’s tallest mixed-use building catalyzes the transformation of Gothenburg’s riverside district. Highly sustainable, the tower’s design fosters a sense of community while creating a spectacular destination for the public.

Karlatornet or the Karla Tower will be the tallest building in Karlastaden, and it will also be the tallest building among Nordic countries rising to a height of 245 metres with 73 floors for homes, offices and hotels.

The design is highly efficient, both in terms of floor space and energy use, while still including apartments with views focused on the city and waterfront. The tower design is complemented by a sustainable vision for the entire area, strengthening Gothenburg as a whole — in particular the post-industrial business district north of Götaälven.

The scope of LIGNAS Timber Systems production works will include:

– 2700 m2 of stick facade systems;
– 7000 m2 of glass alumium unitised systems.