New North Ze­aland Ho­spi­tal

Vietovė: Denmark, Hillerød
Generalinis rangovas: NCC
Architektas: Herzog & de Meuron & Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
Investuotojas: Region Hovedstaden
Metai: 2024
Statusas: in_progress
Tipas: Visuomeniniai

New North Zealand Hospital – designed by Herzog & de Meuron and Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects. The hospital is based on social, economic and environmental sustainability.

The innovative, organic form of a four-leaf clover connects the many components of the hospital and ensures a feeling of safety as well as efficient flows. The architecture of the hospital thus supports the healing of each patient.

Despite its large size (118 000 m2) the hospital designed to be on a human scale by having only 4 floors at its highest point as well as transferring the feel of safety and healthiness due to it standing within the forest, closely surrounded by trees. The New North Zealand Hospital will contain around 20 clinical departments with 570 beds and will cover more than 310 000 citizens from surrounding areas.

Due to the size of the project the façade scope (~40 000 m2) was divided to 2 different façade contractors.

 „KG Constructions“ scope of works in this building will comprise from:
  • 7 550 m2 of unitized curtain walls with thermo-wood.
  • 1 250 m2 of socles from thermoprofile elements with mineral wool insulation;
  • 730 m2 fire rated stick façade.

„Lignas“ team will be directly responsible for the production of:

  • 7 200 m2 of oak cladding engineered timber stick curtain walls with aluminium AD-ON system.