Valle Vision

Vietovė: Norway, Oslo
Generalinis rangovas: NCC
Metai: 2023
Statusas: in_progress
Tipas: Komerciniai

Valle Vision  comprise 14 stories and two stories below ground level. The office premises are modern and the property has constructed in the same architectural style as previous Valle projects. The project has environmentally certified in accordance with the BREEAM system, Excellent level.

All buildings have a crystalline design language. The façade elements on Valle Vision consists of aluminum composite panels. The many reflective surfaces form a play of light that is constantly changing, depending on the weather and time of day. The window sills are colored with high-gloss orange colour which helps to change the character of the façade depending on the angle you see the building from. The office building comprise 22,300 square meters.

Our Group of companies scope of works is 8 700 m2 of facades in total.

– 7 705 m2 of unitised curtain walls with aluminium composite cladding, lamellas and zip screens;

– 730 m2 of wooden stick curtain walls from glued oak wood with add-on aluminium system;

– 266 m2 stick curtain walls.