Timber Facades

The high level of prefabrication and simplicity of handling CLT panels in construction enables a rapid erection time and reduces overall construction program durations. Buildings are usually assembled on site.

Fully prefabricated unitised timber façade elements

Requires shorter time for installation compared to stick façade systems. Prefabricated units are fabricated and glazed in a climate-controlled environment. Fully prefabricated gives the opportunity to design elements which are fully insulated, with power and IT installations all done, and finished inside cladding.

Semi prefabricated unitised timber façade elements

Is designed just like a fully prefabricated element with the opportunity to finish installation of inside cladding, insulation, electricity and IT on site. It gives options to be in some way more flexible depended on the grade of complexity of the over all design of the element.

Timber stick facade system

Stick façade systems has a shorter lead time compared to unitized elements. However, the installation will take longer because fabrication and glazing will be done on site The standard parts required will be ready which will then allow for earlier installations. Its often preferred when the façade volume is lower. Stick façade systems requires workspace on the ground for assembly and storage which has to be considered.