Timber Frames

One of the most distinctive characteristics of a timber frame is the unique joinery that holds the timbers together.

Massive CLT Walls

The characteristic feature of structural components in Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) – for walls and slab structures – is their size. Large cross-sectional areas ensure that CLT components have a high load-bearing capacity and stiffness, making them suitable for stabilizing the building. The panels are available with a high degree of prefabrication and their low weight brings benefits in terms of lighter groundwork, less transport and faster assembly.

Massive CLT Slabs

Massive CLT slabs allow different solutions for on-site flooring systems such as raised light floor systems, on-site concrete casting, sand or installations floor for IT/electric cables etc. Sound insulation requirements can be achieved with many different methods.

Prefabricated Fire and Sound Insulated Timber Floor and Roof Elements

Provides a fast and precise assembly process. The elements are prepared for various choices of roof coverings. Due to low weight, trucks can be fully loaded and less transport is required. As well as provides possibilities for on-site added installations such as plumbing, water or electric cables installation.

Glulam Columns

In relation to its own weight, glulam is stronger than both steel and concrete. The low weight requires less foundation, makes assembly and transportation easier and usually at a lower cost, when compared to other building materials.

Glulam Beams

The high strength and stiffness of laminated timber enables glulam beams and arches to span large distances without intermediate columns, allowing more design flexibility than with traditional timber construction.

Additional Products

Other Solutions

Together with the architect such as suspended ceilings and similar systems

Built-in design

Such as book shelfs or built-in seat areas and stands